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Laube CX Steel Blade #7F

Laube is the only brand that offers wide blades in a such variety of sizes. That's what makes us stand alone as innovators of the 21st Century in technology. Be among the first to fall in love with these new blades. It covers more area, making your grooming that much faster! Because it saves you time, it saves you money too. These are steel blades, resharpenable. Superior quality. Get all your favorite sizes you use everyday... but in the new wide version. Unique, no other brand offers these. One-of-a-kind Laube wide blades finally here to make your profession even more advanced.


  • Ultra Hard 90+ Rockwell
  • Chrome Plating is Rust Resistant
  • High Carbon Ice Tempered
  • High Carbon Cutter Blade
  • Fits all Snap-on Style Clippers

Laube CX Steel Blade #7F

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