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Mail-In Policies


  • Limit of liability:

    • Our Responsibilities: Groomers Friend, LLC (“We”) is/are only responsible for items shipped to us while in our care. We guarantee to take care of the items and that they will get back to the shipping company (UPS or USPS) and that we will file an insurance claim for the amount you specify in the online form should something happen to your package (note: claim will not be paid to you until at least 120 days have passed since the original payment was processed). If/when this money is paid to us, it will be in turn given to you minus any expenses we have incurred. Regardless of anything else mentioned in our shipping policy, by shipping your items to us, you agree that you will not hold us responsible for lost/damaged/stolen items in the mail, whether or not insurance is filed or a claim paid. Even if the item shows ‘delivered’ we have had packages delivered to the wrong address in the past and this is considered a lost package. 

    • Customer’s Responsibilities: It is the customer’s responsibility and decision to pick a shipping company they trust or to not ship at all. It is also the customer’s responsibility and decision to get insurance on the package both to us and on the return trip for the full amount of the tools plus the cost of the work we will have done. Should an insurance claim need to be made, you, as the customer, agree to provide us with any requested documentation regarding the original purchase value of your items or the value of your items in their current condition. 

    • Note that if something happens to your package on the return trip, no money we have received will be reimbursed. By shipping to us you agree that we will not be held liable for items that are  lost/damaged/stolen in the mail, or miss-delivered either in the sending or return. Our maximum liability is $1,500 per package (note there is a $700 per item maximum liability as stated below), per customer while in our care. 

  • Shipping carriers and insurance: We only use 2 carriers for the return shipment, UPS or USPS so if that is a problem then do not ship your items to us. If you used USPS to ship your item and got their insurance, we will alternately get the private insurance provided through which uses PIP Insurance for the return trip unless you specify otherwise and we acknowledge receipt of these instructions.​



Payment in full is required prior to the return shipment and usually paid with a card via Square; other payment methods available upon request. Normally we do not require payment until the work has been completed. Upon completion of the work the customer will be notified of such. Payment in full must be made within 90 days of the notification of completion or Empire Edgeworks, Inc. becomes the sole owner the property for which the payment was being made, and may sell it to recuperate labor/material costs. Notwithstanding the above, a late fee of $3 per week shall be charged every week from the notification of completion (which is usually in the form of a digital invoice). The owner of Empire Edgeworks, Inc. reserves the right to waive any of these requirements at any time.

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